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Leadership Effectiveness and Development:

Clients come to us seeking:

  • A collaborative approach to creating leadership programs specifically designed to bring their unique culture and values to life.
  • A team of advisors with track records in leadership roles just like theirs combined with deep knowledge of the science of emotional intelligence, adult learning and industrial psychology tools.
  • A flexible delivery model ranging from multiple short workshops to full day sessions to off-site leadership retreats.

Why we’re different:

  • Our programs are grounded in the science of emotional intelligence.
  • We use the highly respected Birkman Method to enable clients to begin their reflective process.
  • We begin each client engagement with a detailed but efficient needs analysis and a clear understanding of your business objectives.
  • We focus on combining theoretical concepts with skills development and the use of tools and templates that have proven to be successful in multiple settings.

We work closely with our clients to understand you requirements and create programs to address your specific culture and needs.

Your custom program will contain a unique blend of theory supporting by real executive experience, group interactions, personal reflection and skills development- all focused on enhancing leadership effectiveness.

Your program includes individual leadership assessments, insights into key principles of emotional intelligence, and enabling participants to create both personal development plans and their individual leadership brands. We also support the participants to build on these insights and learn to apply them to their interactions with others through topics including communication skills, relationship building and cross-functional teamwork.

Our preferred tool for enhancing self-awareness and the process of introspection is The Birkman Method®. It is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional industrial psychology tool designed to help leaders better understand their strengths and areas for development. It integrates behavioral, motivational and occupational data together to predict behavior and work satisfaction across a variety of situations. Our experience has shown that the tool provides the participants with a deep individualized perspective with which to approach the development of their leadership capacity during the program.